If you are going on an alkaline diet, you may want to know first which foods to avoid. Now this does not mean that you will stop eating meat, dairy, and seafood completely  -because remember, your body still needs adequate nutrition. The idea is keep your body in a healthy PH level, so your body still needs to be acidic-alkaline balanced.

To make sure you eat the right food -and not deprive nutrients meant for your body, it is wise to seek professional dietary advice to check on how acidic your body actually is. The food guide below is a graphic explanation of which foods should you eat less and feast on more when on an alkaline diet.

Alkaline VS Acidic Food Guide (2)Click for the full image size.

One thing is for sure, that when you go into an alkaline diet, you will need to stay away from soda, coffee, chocolate, sugars, starch and dairy products. The sugar and starch that are contained in these food products are carbs that make your body acidic after you burn these. Please take note that this graphic guide is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. If you have recurring symptoms regarding the PH-levels of our body then you should seek medical advice. You can also continue to know more about the truths of alkaline diet here.

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Image done on Canva.com. Stock images from pixabay.net