Many of the diseases are associated with malnutrition: obesity, cancer, pressure, diabetes type II, among others. However, scientific evidences demonstrate that the health benefits of living naturally are tremendous. Fruits and vegetables make are an excellent choice to keep us fit and healthy. Daily consumption of fruits and vegetables helps to achieve a healthy lifestyle at different stages of life. Consuming natural products promotes proper growth and development during childhood phase, while in adults, it allows to maintain proper weight in relation to the body size and a healthy heart. The following are some of the health benefits of fruits and vegetables, natural detox, meditation, yoga, etc.

health benefits of cucumber

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The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that everyone should eat at least 5 servings of fruits and different types of vegetables daily. This helps to keep the body rejuvenated for a longer duration. Also, the fruits and vegetables provide all the necessary nutrients in abundant quantities unlike the cooked stuff. Fruit and vegetables are important sources of vitamins and other bio-active compounds in the diet and consumption of 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day is widely preferred since it is associated with a lower risk of chronic diseases. Fruits and vegetables may not head the list of favorite foods of the children, but there are good reasons to include more of these foods in the kids’ diets. These are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fiber. The benefits of these ‘Superfoods’ can result in a better health of the children as well as adults.

Benefits fruits and vegetables in the diet include:
1. They strengthen the body’s defenses thanks to their contribution of vitamins.
2. They give energy to perform daily body functions.
3. The vitamin C in citrus fruits prevents respiratory diseases.
4. To include them in a healthy and balanced diet is an excellent choice for weight loss and nurture.
5. Citrus fruits have antioxidants that protect against chronic diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
6. They provide fibers that help to reduce blood cholesterol, regulate blood sugar levels and avoid constipation.
7. They provide color, texture and flavor to the dishes.
8. They provide minerals that help to improve the memory.
9. Are low in calories, fat and sodium.
10. Fruits and vegetables provide calcium and potassium for stronger bones.



Fruits and vegetables also serve as a natural detox. They help to eliminate the harmful toxins from the body which are acquired by consuming synthetic products. An easy way of performing natural detox is by adding a green juice to the daily diet. Also is recommended to add shots of wheat grass since these are highly efficient in detoxifying the body naturally. Some of the important functions of natural detox are as follows:

1. Regulate blood pressure.
2. Increase the oxygen carrying capacity of blood.
3. Get rid of the toxins from the body.
4. Tissue repair.
5. Clean the systems (such as the intestine, blood and liver).
6. Remove body rust.
7. Neutralize toxins in the air taken by oxygen.

Some of the fruits and vegetables that are highly recommended as a natural detox include:

– Parsley
– Watermelon
– Pumpkin
– Cucumbers
– Legumes and seeds
– Potatoes
– Papaya
– Bananas
Each one of these foods performs important functions in the body, helping to maintain the health of the organs, mainly the kidneys.

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Meditation stimulates the self-healing strength of the body, provides us with greater awareness and creativity, stimulates and strengthens the brain areas assigned to happiness and joy, increases IQ and stimulates the immune system, among other advantages.

Although each person can perform meditation for different goals, some of the common reasons meditate are:
1. Mental rest: silence the mind and release it from daily concerns.
2. Health: to stimulate the immune system and the mechanisms of self-healing.
3. Creativity: clean the mind to be more creative.
4. Happiness: to stimulate the brain areas assigned to happiness.
5. Concentration: to enhance the state of concentration and memory.
6.Mysticism: develop the consciousness of oneness with all.
7.Intellect: to increase the intellectual abilities.
8. Relaxation: to release the stress and anxiety and remain in a state of well-being.
Science has proved that meditation brings a lot of positive changes in the body. It helps to maintain the balance of mind and body. Some of the important benefits of meditation include:

– It powers the mental and physical health of the body.
– It increases IQ.
– It develops emotional intelligence and empathy.
– It improves memory.
– It relieves stress, anxiety and depression.
– It reduces blood pressure.
– It increases happiness.

HEALTH BENEFITS OF YOGA:health benefits of yoga

Yoga, with its diverse physical, spiritual and meditative practices, has large and beneficial effects on the well-being of the body. Yoga is a holistic system that works at all levels. The physical form of yoga makes us aware of the rhythms and natural needs of the body, strengthens muscles and bones, slows down the aging process, increases vital energy, gives flexibility and balance, oxygenates and clean our body, benefit our cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive and respiratory system, opens the energy channels and balances the body functions. The physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga are as follows:

– Fortress: yoga tone every part of your body.
– Resistance: the regular practice increases the capacity for work.
– Flexibility: a young body is maintained and restored through a proper stretch.
– Posture: while the tone and flexibility are balanced, it allows upright and effortless posture.
– Power: improvement of glandular operation and deep relaxation leaves one cool and calm.
– Health: A state of consistent well-being is experienced when the mind and the body are balanced.
– Improvement of blood circulation.
– Concentration: the varieties of yoga postures deepen and extend the concentration, memory, and attention.
– Emotional stability: contact with the internal self gives us perspective on life and isolates the mind of alterations.
– Peace: peace and tolerance of the mind generate a permanent state of peace and calmness in life.
– Self-awareness: it develops the skills necessary to understand the functioning of the mind through the observation of the activity of the body and breath.
– Comprehensive and progressive development of mind and body: facilitating the expression of the potentials of the practitioner and strengthening self-esteem.
– Wisdom: a persistent practice develops knowledge blooming like wisdom.
– Freedom: the wisdom and peace leads to the experience freedom in everyday life.
– Integration: the regular exploration and connection leads to mental, spiritual, physical and emotional state of harmony.
– Calmness: It provides strength to deal with the problems.

Isn’t it amazing that such simple things can make such a positive impact on your health?

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