Reiki womanReiki is a practice of healing that uses life force energy. No matter what religion or back ground education we live in, it is an accepted fact that life is a form of energy, so there should be a way to channel it. Decades ago, a Japanese Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui developed this practice. The belief that the universal life force energy can be harnessed and transferred to heal and keep the body at peaceful state. Basic features are:

• Safe: No known side effect of using the Reiki technique.
• Alive: The energy will flow where it is needed and knows what to do to heal you.
• Natural: No special tools, medicine or equipment required aside from the Reiki practitioner.
• Gentle: The practitioner only lays his or her hands gently above the body. No massage or any manipulation required.
• Simple: Takes only 3 levels to become a Master.
• Lifetime: after one acquires mastery of channeling Reiki, he has embodied this skill for life.
• Compatible with any beliefs. You can study this art of healing no matter what your affiliation is.

To be a Reiki practitioner, one must usually need to sit on a Reiki class to know the basics. After some sessions, a student shall attend an attunement class. Reiki attunement is an initiation done by a Reiki practitioner with aims to open up the crown, heart and palm chakras (energy entry and exit points) to allow Reiki to flow through. In order to have a successful attunement, there are a number of things you have to do to prepare your mind, body and spirit.

1. Reduce or better yet, do not eat meat, poultry or fish 3 days before your scheduled attunement.
2. Take a lot of water or juice. Avoid alcohol intake at least 3 days prior to class.
3. Continue any type of medication you are currently undergoing.
4. You should consider fasting from alcoholic drinks as much as possible at least a day prior to schedule.
5. Avoid any types of outside stimulation (TV, Radio, Internet and Newspaper)
6. Smokers should take care to smoke as little as possible for the day prior to the class date and on the day of the attunement.
7. Take care of yourself. Do not undertake heavy tasks since you are fasting.
8. Clear your aura prior to class. Say your daily prayers or connection practices.
9. Sleep well the night prior to class. In the morning break your fast and eat a light breakfast.
10. If you are traveling to a distant town for attunement class. You may opt to plan and overnight stay at a motel to save on your energy.

To summarize, preparing for your Reiki attunement should be simple: fast, relax and do not strain yourself. That is the total aim of Reiki as a practice: Get attuned with yourself, relax and heal and help other people. The more people to learn about Reiki, the better the world become.

Most Reiki classes costs relatively high. Now you can have Reiki classes of all levels: Level 1, Level 2 and the Master Level 3 at the most cost-efficient way. Read this story to know more.

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