tighsCellulite, although not a disease, is a cosmetic problem among many individuals, mostly women. How can you recognize it?
It gives your thighs and buttocks that dimpled, cheesy appearance and it usually appears around adulthood. For women who love to wear bikinis, cellulite ruins sexiness and can be a cause of anxiety. For this post, we will enumerate the usual causes of cellulite so you can have an idea what to do with it.

1. Hormones– Many studies show that hormones can be a major factor in cellulite formation. Women who produces or take in too much estrogen, results in waste products taken away from the vital organs into the thigh areas. Also other hormones such as insulin, noradrenaline, thyroid hormones, and prolactin take part of the cellulite formation process.

2. Genetics– There are particular instances that genes can be a factor in having cellulite in the family. Genetic factors such as obesity, slow metabolism circulatory insufficiency and fat distribution.

3. Diet – Having too much fat, carbohydrates or salts are known to give people a sluggish effect, thus slowing down their metabolism and the ability to dispose of waste products in the blood properly. Also, toxic substances in food such as food residues, chemicals, artificial additives and preservatives, nicotine, alcohol and tobacco also stored in fatty areas of the body, thus adding to more cellulite reproduction. Since the human body is not designed to consume these toxic substances, it cannot decide how to accommodate it. So instead of the natural way to excrete it through urine, these elements get stored a lot more in the body!

4. Clothing – Wearing tight jeans, and under garments can restrict blood flow, thus keeping cellulite deposited underneath the skin, instead of allowing it to be disposed out of the body.

5. Lifestyle – One of the most common culprits of cellulite production is the inactive lifestyle. Smoking, drinking and having no exercise promotes obesity and muscular atrophy; hence increased cellulite reproduction.

There are a plethora of remedies for cellulite reduction out in the market today, but none of them had been scientifically been proven effective. The cellulite problem is more than just a cosmetic problem, it is a sign of lack of metabolism in the body.  Click here to resolve your cellulite problem.

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